Our Process


At Stone Nation we start out with a free consultation and present to you great pricing on your project. We invite you to visit our show room and/or we would be delighted to do an in-home consultation. We love listening to your masterpiece ideas and vision that you have. We then guide you through the process of choosing the right countertop based on those specific needs. But we will also give you options that you may have not considered, like different types of trends and styles.


Once you have chosen us as your fabricator, an experienced team member will be visiting your location to template your project. We take precise measurements of your countertops for fabrication offsite to ensure your countertops are just right on the day of your installation. We will also inform you on the installation timeframe. It may take between 7-10 business days to finish fabrication and be back to install the countertops. After the templating is done, we start the fabrication process.
In this stage we also review your sinks options, if you decide to purchase the sink from us, we will have it ready on the install date. If you are providing a sink of your own, we ask that you please have it ready on the day of your template appointment for us to take back to our fabrication shop.


After templating is complete, our fabrication shop will make your masterpiece into a work of art. Our skilled craftsmen transform the slabs entirely by hand using specialized tools. We take your template, set it on top of the granite slab, and then cut the pieces out. Once cut, your pieces are sent over to the fabricator.
Our countertop will pass through our experienced artisan. They will shape your edge profile using a router and/or grinding stones, he also cuts out the sinks and grinds the roughness of the stone down. Your granite pieces will then reach the final stage of fabrication; the polisher his role is to simply make it smooth and shine. Through the process, each craftsman will ensure your countertop meets our high-quality standards.


Our and your favorite part of our process, it's time to install.
Now that your countertops have been made, we will be in communication with you during the install day, providing updates on our installation crew arrival time.
We arrive, place your custom countertops, set the sink(s) in place, and drill the faucet holes. If you have granite being installed, our crew will apply a coat of sealer before completing the work and cleaning up.
Please be advised prior to our arrival your plumber will need to disconnect your sink to allow installation to go as smooth as possible.

Follow Up

To ensure that we accomplished our mission and that you are satisfied with your artisanship, we will reach out to you. At that time, we can answer any questions you may have. We are here to help you with anything else you may need to complete your project, just ask.